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How I Discovered Millions of Ounces of Gold

And How You Can Go Get As Much As You Want Now!

The Gold Secrets Of Ecuador Revealed Report

After prospecting and gold dredging in many of the Western United States for some years, I made the discovery of a lifetime:

One day while rummaging through a small, dark room of a second-hand bookstore in Canada, I found a copy of an old Argosy magazine. One of the articles was about an explorer who had found millions of ounces of gold in the early 1930's in a remote river deeply hidden in a small, third world country. His only problems were the savage, bloodthirsty headhunters who killed all trespassers. By the end of his adventure, he had barely made it out of the area alive.

The hair on the back of my neck raised as I thought of the possibilities. Having lived in several remote jungle gold camps within the Amazon basin in the early 80's, I knew that some jungle natives had become more passive in recent years, especially if approached properly. I wondered if the gold was still there and if I could get to it.

It took several years before I was prepared to attempt an expedition into the area. I was well armed with maps, history, some language skills and modern survival equipment. I was bare bones financed, but I was very excited.

The flight from Miami was surprisingly short. It actually took me much less time to arrive in the Capital City of Ecuador than it had taken me to fly to Miami from Canada in the first place. I spent a couple of days getting oriented to this new country. Wandering around Quito, I discovered invaluable books and maps that are unavailable in North America. These resources confirmed my hopes of the presence of gold in my target area.

And then I came upon the colonial church "La Compania" and was dazzled by the ornate display of 7 tons of gold which had been mined by the Spanish from this region. This was the final proof that Ecuador was a country rich in gold.

"La Compania", decorated with 7 tons of gold

Surprisingly, I found that the hotels, meals and all of my expenses were very cheap, only a fraction of what they are in North America. A huge meal of filet mignon with a great local beer came to less than three dollars. My comfortable hotel room cost eleven dollars per night. Next, I rented a four-wheel drive Trooper and was off to the jungle. The drive through the mountains was awesome.

Four hours later I pulled into the small town of Tena. I soon discovered that some of the inhabitants of this town were the descendants of the savage, menacing natives who had nearly killed the explorer in the 1930's. In fact one of the locals from Puyo, who went on to become a good friend of mine, was the nephew of a native who participated in the massacre of five Christian missionaries in the 1950's. This story was documented in National Geographic magazine.

Stan with local natives

Things were very different now. The natives were not only passive, they were very friendly and helpful. Yes, there was gold exactly where the early explorer had said! And lots of it!! In fact, the natives showed me gold in over a dozen different rivers. They were happy to serve as my guides for seven dollars per day plus meals (another dollar).

Ecuadorian Natives hired as guides

I know, I can hear you thinking, "Why would the natives show you all the gold so freely?" I have been asked this question dozens of times. I must share a story with you to answer your question.

After having thoroughly investigated the area the early explorer had described and many other rivers the natives had shown me, I compiled a map and report of my findings. I made an appointment one day with the president of a Canadian public resource company. He expressed an interest in my discoveries but asked, "Why would the natives show you all the gold so freely?" My answer was simple, but hard for him to believe at first.

My points are these:

1. The local natives are simple and poor,

2. They live from day to day financially,

3. Their physical needs are few,

4. They easily pan gold whenever they need a few extra dollars,

5. They don't have bank accounts or debts,

6. It is entertaining for them to work for a gringo for $7 per day,

7. If the gringo comes back to stay and work for awhile, maybe he will hire the wife to do some cooking for him too, and

8. Very few North Americans are crazy enough to investigate strange stories in wild places.

These points may sound funny to you and I admit that North Americans have a hard time understanding this mentality, but it is all true.

And, actually, the place isn't so wild and dangerous today after all. There are modern accommodations nearby and it is much safer than places I have lived in North America.

Two photos of my favorite jungle hotel, Hostal Los Yutzos.

The owners are like my second family.

Please tell them Stan sent you. (photos courtesy of Los Yutzos)

Access is easy by rented, four-wheel drive vehicle. Translators and English speaking guides are plentiful and cheap. But the gold is still abundant and not yet very well known in the outside world.

However, this will certainly change in a few, short years!

Fortunately, Bob McPherson, the president of Hampton Court Resources Inc. (HCR) (www.hamptoncourt.com), believed my story and sent an independent geologist down with me to investigate the area from a professional and commercial perspective.

Here, I am using a GPS to get an exact position on a concession boundary.

To make a long story short:

1. The geologist's findings were very positive,

2. Several other independent geologists have now confirmed the original findings, and much more,

3. I made a nice deal with Hampton Court Resources Inc.,

4. They have been actively exploring and developing a fairly large area for more than four years now.

HCR's Ecuadorian Gold Concessions Map

Image courtesy of Hampton Court Resources


1. Hampton Court Resources Inc. has claimed a large area to study in detail, produce gold from, and drill for increased gold reserves,

2. Their study could take years more to finally complete,

3. So far they have documented untold ounces of gold reserves and this number is still growing monthly.

(Due to my ongoing insider relationship with this public company, I am not permitted to disclose the most recent estimated reserves. This information can only come through HCR. Look at their web site for the latest news.)

4. Finally, and most importantly, their area represents only about 1% of the areas that I have identified, prospected and found to be commercially productive!

Pilot mining at an HCR Ecuador concession

Some gold nuggets from HCR tests (photo courtesy of HCR)

Alluvial gold from HCR claims

Photos courtesy of Hampton Court Resources

In other words, there is only so much a guy can do in one lifetime.

There is plenty of gold left for you!

That is why I have prepared my report: Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed. I would never have the time in ten lifetimes to exploit all of my discoveries. I don't want to let it go to waste. I am willing to share the details with you so that you can walk right up to any one of over 100 different sites and take the gold out for yourself.

Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed will show you where all of the gold is and more. My report includes photos, 6 large detailed color maps and resources that took me years and thousands of dollars to develop and aren't available outside of Ecuador.

Even with gold selling for $250 dollars per ounce, this is a highly lucrative proposition. Can you imagine what could happen when gold rises to $500 per ounce or more? You could choose to do this alone or with some friends or partners. It would probably be one of the most adventurous and exciting projects of your life. It has been for me.

If for no other reason, my Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed is first-class entertainment. Just reading about the secret locations I reveal in my report, seeing the specific sites marked on the color maps and photos of the gold we have already found is a great adventure in itself.

Before I go any further, I must admit that I did not tell the whole truth when I said I discovered sites where millions of ounces of gold lay in alluvial deposits. The real truth is that I have actually discovered the sites where, combined, billions of ounces of gold can be found, but nobody would believe a title like that, would they?

You see, I discovered an incredible geological secret years ago while prospecting and dredging in the mother lode country of Northern California. However it took me many more years to learn to apply it while prospecting in over a dozen different countries throughout Latin America. This secret of mine is the key to untold wealth for any serious, modern-day gold prospector.

Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed comes with an 8 week 100% guarantee.It includes two new exclusive bonuses and is now offered for a limited time only at our special price...

My Report includes:

1. A division of Ecuador into six major alluvial gold-bearing districts. Each district contains:

A) A description of the primary sources of the alluvial gold,

B) A brief history of gold production that has taken place, and,

C) A detailed, full-color topographic map with dozens of gold-bearing rivers and streams.

2. A general introduction to Ecuador with colored photos,

3. A brief history of gold mining in Ecuador from the Incas to the present,

4. A general explanation of Ecuadorian geology and primary sources of alluvial gold with photographic examples,

5. A schematic diagram of the path that alluvial gold takes from its primary source to its site of deposition, and,

6. A complete list of important web site addresses related to this project,

AND that's not all...

These 2 Free Extra Bonuses are ONLY available when you purchase this special package offer for only $27.00 USD (Please note: they are not included with the Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth Package).

Ancient Spanish Documents and Letters Relating to Gold Discoveries In El Dorado of Ecuador 1500-1700 - A Collection of Rare Spanish Documents Related to the Gold Mining History of Ecuador --translated into English and compiled for the first time by Stan Grist and available nowhere else in the world!

This extremely rare Collection is composed of letters written between Spanish governors, Jesuit priests and political leaders within what is today the country of Ecuador. This collection is not currently published even in Spanish and has never been translated into English before. These excerpts give valuable clues about rich areas that were mined in the fourteenth through the nineteenth centuries, especially from the area of El Dorado. The sites mentioned in these documents were never mined extensively, by modern standards, and still hold tremendous, rich alluvial gold deposits.

This exclusive e-book in PDF format is 15 pages translated from rare and original Spanish documents and includes images of Jesuit maps and etchings. Sold separately for $13.95 US Click Here for details and/or to purchase separately.

AND and another great bonus...

"Auca Gold, Touch It If You Dare", the fascinating article from Argosy Magazine which inspired me to come to Ecuador in search of gold... great reading and still very useful information about the region (18 page pdf document, file size 85KB).

Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed, including two exclusive free bonuses is now available at the special price of only $27.00 US. This is a savings of more than 50%! I think you'll agree, this exclusive information is a terrific deal worth many times more...

Purchase my report: Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed!now and see for yourself if this adventure is for you. The report will change your perspective about the world supply of gold; I guarantee it.

This terrific package deal is now available for immediate download in Adobe PDF format viewable and printable on any computer system.

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Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed including my 3 exclusive free bonuses for the special price of only $27.00 US.

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