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The Ultimate Gold Prospecting Information Package for Success!

There are literally, billions of ounces of ancient alluvial gold out there, just waiting for YOU! My Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth e-Package leads you directly to it!

Look what Jeff Steele found:

"I just had to let you know what I found on the weekend. I live in the Sacramento area and decided to go nugget shooting on the north fork of the Yuba River, just a few miles above Downieville. Using the topographic map from your package, I located an exposed tertiary channel half way up the side of a mountain. Searching the exposed bedrock, I got a loud signal. It took over 45 minutes to chisel my target out of the cemented gravel. It was well worth it though. My reward was a 3.5 ounce nugget! Thanks for those maps and all the gold prospecting information! " Jeff Steele, Sacramento Ca.

Click here to read more comments from other happy prospectors.

As I now slow down my own gold prospecting ventures, I have finally decided to share all of my "ancient river" research, experience, discoveries and secrets with you. If you want to find alluvial gold in large quantitiesas I have, you must learn to find the ancient tertiary river channels. They are often well hidden, but exist throughout all of the Americas, from Alaska to Chile. The vast majority of these deposits are still virgin and unexplored.

It took me many years to figure out how, why and where the gold is. Part of my understanding of The Secret came about as the result of tracking down and studying many obscure publications and maps over the years. The other part of my understanding of The Secret came from actual field investigations gold prospecting in many different parts of the Americas, from Alaska and the Yukon through Mexico and Central America down to Argentina in South America.This knowledge led me to one of my better discoveries of a rich ancient alluvial deposit in Ecuador. (for details click here, for the HCR Resources press release).

My new package, Ancient Deposits, Modern Wealth, gives you a rare insight into gold prospecting and the little-known subject of rich, hidden, ancient river channels. This information can't be found anywhere else. After years of research, I have never seen a single source like this before.

Here is what Marlene Hoffman has to say after using my information:

"Just went gold prospecting south of Wickenburg, Arizona armed with the information I received in your gold package. My Minelab detector worked wonders around all the black sand. In San Domingo Wash, I found 32 small gold nuggets totaling 1.4 ounces. Not bad for 5 hours of work! I'm retired, so this really helps out with my rainy day fund. Thanks! Marlene Hoffman"

Click here to read more comments from other happy gold prospectors.

My gold propsecting package leads you directly to the ancient gold and includes 14 separate exclusive and rare reports, which include 10 large, color, topographic maps of the Mother Lode country of Northern California revealing exactly where hundreds of miles of ancient river channels exist.

See what successful gold prospector and miner, Dave McCracken, says about the rich, ancient rivers in his informative book, Gold Mining in the 1990's:

"Geologists have argued that most of the gold in today's river systems is not gold that has eroded more recently from lode deposits, but gold that was eroded out of the old ancient riverbeds where they have been crossed by the present river systems.
"The ancient channels, where they have been discovered and mined, have often proven to be extremely rich in gold deposits. In fact, many of the richest bonanzas that have been found in today's river systems have been discovered directly downstream from where they have crossed the rich ancient streambed gravels."

Click here to read more from Dave's book about the ancient gold-bearing rivers.

Now you can put this rare gold prospecting knowledge to work and find pounds of gold nuggets using the information in my new package. And just to make sure you enter the gold fields "fully armed" as an ancient river gold prospector, I have a ton of impossible to find information in this package included in the following 14 reports worth hundreds of dollars when purchased separately. Now you can get it all for only $34.95 US:

1. Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth - an introduction to the package with an overview explaining how the elements fit together.

An Entire Alluvial Gold Prospecting Course:
History of placer gold mining & where to look for placers
Staking claims on open lands in the USA
Problems with water rights, water supply, and stream pollution
Who can advise you
How to look for placers
Equipping yourself
Panning for gold
Evaluation: Should you invest and mine?
Sampling techniques
Calculating what you have
How to go about mining
Choosing a mining method
Additional methods sometimes used
Problems you should anticipate in placer mining
Recovering your gold and selling it
Selected bibliography with notations
(this prospecting course sells for $19.95)

"The Ancient River of Gold," by Raymond Wallace (see the Table of Contents here) This book is full of amazing and unique information with detailed information about where to find the ancient gold deposits. Copies of this out of print book now sell for $80 US

Ten (10) large, color, Topographic Maps of the Mother Lode country of Northern California showing exactly where hundreds of miles of ancient river channels exist. These maps reveal countless locations where modern rivers and streams cut through the rich ancient river channels, exposing gold nuggets, hidden for millions of years. Years ago I sold hard copies for $150 US, now digital copies are sold individually for $49 US.

Gold Secrets of Ecuador, Revealed. This report details my discovery of rich, ancient river channels in Ecuador and how I profited from them. It also includes detailed maps highlighting the gold bearing rivers of the entire country,(not available elsewhere). Sold individually for $27.00 US. (Please note: this offer doesn't include the 2 bonus reports which are exclusive to that package) Click here for more details

How to Use Magnetometry to discover ancient, hidden alluvial gold deposits, including two case studies from Nevada and California.

7. How to Process Black Sand Concentrates Valued at $10.US

Gold Assaying and Smelting. Valued at $10.US

How to use Mercury to Recover Gold. Valued at $10.US

10. How to use Aqua Regia to Purify Gold. Valued at $10.US

Historical Photo Album of gold production from ancient river channels. Valued at $10.US

"Hot Tips for Nugget Shooters." An article by Jim Mulkey

13. Gold Dredging Equipment and Techniques Valued at $10.US

My Secrets to Finding Millions of Ounces of Alluvial Gold, a report of my discoveries of the ancient gold-bearing rivers. These Secrets took me many years and thousands of dollars to finally figure out. Part of my understanding came about as the result of tracking down and studying many obscure publications and maps. The other part of my understanding came from actual physical investigations in many different parts of the Americas, from Alaska and the Yukon down to Argentina in South America. Sold individually for $29.95 US

It all comes with my 6 week 100% guarantee

This unique, comprehensive gold prospecting package (worth hundreds of dollars when purchased separately) is your shortcut to the gold.

Get great savings with an immediate download: Order my "Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth" package now for ONLY$34.95 U.S.

In Adobe Acrobat PDF format, viewable and printable on any computer system,please note: This Package is ONLY AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FILE FORMAT IN ENGLISH.

Yes, tell me where the gold is! I want to buy the Ancient Deposits, Modern Wealth Package with all of Stan's "ancient river" research, experience, discoveries and secrets.

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It takes a few minutes to download and automatically installs as soon as you click on the program icon, then simply click on the Report PDF file and it will open and be ready to read.

You can leave the rat race behind, live a life of adventure and freedom plus earn a great living at the same time - I did and I will show you how to do it step by step with my epackage "Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System" MY New $49.95 System is jam-packed with all my hard-won secrets and tricks of the trade and includes 10 FREE bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.Check it out!!!

Want Adventure? Announcing my new newsletter, "Tales From My Adventures Into the Unknown".

This newsletter is free and will be published monthly on a fairly dependable basis. Rarely, there may be an interruption if I am on an extended expedition. That may only be a few times each year. My first series of writings will be about my own personal experiences surrounding ancient tunnel systems, the Cueva de Los Tayos, Juan Moricz, Zoltan Czellar, Julio Goyen Aguado, the ancient metallic library, ancient advanced civilizations, El Dorado, Erich von Daniken and Gold of the Gods, the Mormons, mysteries of the Amazon Jungle, gold, treasure and more. I hope you enjoy reading about what has become an unfolding passion in my life. I am about to share with you one of the most mysterious and incredible stories of my life and it may be stranger than anything you have ever heard in your life. This is a drama which is still unfolding as I write this newsletter. I believe there will be much more to come in the future, eventually.




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