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Mysteries of the Ancient Tunnels, the Cueva de los Tayos, Juan Moricz, the Metallic Library and Much More

Stan with Juan Moricz and Zoltan Czellar in Guayaquil, Ecuador

I have been working on this project for nearly 20 years and it is not yet over. As I write these words, I am in negotiations with the native Shuars who live near the Cueva de los Tayos, whose permission is necessary to enter and explore the area of the caves. I plan to mount an expedition in coming months to search for the secret entrance to the cave from which the alleged metallic library can be accessed.

This is apparently the greatest kept secret surrounding the Cueva de los Tayos enigma. Many people have entered the cave by the well-known, vertical entrance near the top of the mountain. However, I calculate that it is nearly impossible or is impossible to reach the metallic library through this well-known entrance. The secret entrance is only accessed from underwater!

I have included a number of unique, rare and/or completely unknown documents in this package. You now have some information about Juan Moricz, the metallic library and the tunnels that few living people have ever seen before.†Most of these materials were given to me many years ago by Zoltan Czellar, Juanís partner of over 15 years. You can read all about my past relationship with Zoltan in the archives of my free newsletter, Stan Gristís Adventures Into the Unknown, which also includes photos and is available on Yahoo Groups at: StanGrist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Allow me to introduce you now to each of the unique elements of this 165 page package, which includes photos, one item at a time:

1. The first chapter from "Gold of the Gods" by Erich von Daniken. This was my first introduction to Juan Moricz and the Cueva de los Tayos. You can read more about this "first contact" of mine in the first issue of my newsletter, Stan Gristís Adventures Into the Unknown. At the end of this first document you can also read my comments, insights and opinions about Erich von Daniken and this book.

2. Three chapters from "Beyond the Andes" by Pino Turolla. This rare and out-of-print book details the adventures and exploits of an explorer / investigator as he researches ancient migrations from the Amazon, up over the Andes and out onto the coast of Ecuador. The three chapters include, 1. The Jaramillo Incident, 2. The Good Padre (Father Crespi), and, 3. The Cueva de los Tayos. Jaramillo may have been the first or only outsider to see the metallic library. His role in this story will be highlighted in several different documents within this package. At the end of this document you can read my comments, insights and opinions.

3. "The Lost Gold of Ancient America" from Ancient American Magazine by J. Golden Barton. This little-known article includes an autobiographical story of Mr. Bartonís investigation of the Cueva de los Tayos, Juan Moricz, Julio Goyen Aguado, Padre Crespi, Mormon Church Authorities, the metallic library and important ancient artifacts. Numerous color photographs accompany this document. At the end of this document you can read my comments, insights and opinions about it.

4."The American Origin of European Settlements" by Juan Moricz. In 1968, Juan wrote this 14-page document and had 5,000 copies printed for distribution. Three days before distribution, something very strange happened and Juan ordered that every copy be destroyed by fire immediately. Was Juan forced to destroy these copies or did he simply "change his mind"? Only 3 copies were held back from the destruction and I have 1 of them. When you read it, youíll understand why "somebody" didnít want this information made public.

5. "My Two Trips to the Cueva de los Tayos" by Gaston Fernandez Borrero. This virtually unknown book details 2 separate expeditions within the Cueva de los Tayos, written by an associate and close friend of Juan Moricz. In this book, Sr. Borrero reveals many unknown secrets about the cave and his personal relationship with Juan Moricz. This book has never been translated or published in English before and has enjoyed only a very small distribution in Spanish. Rare insights into Juanís theory of the origin of civilization are revealed here for the first time. I have included the first half of the book in this e-package. The first half of the book discusses the first expedition that was led by Juan Moricz in 1969. The second half of the book that is not included, does not shed any new light on the subject. At the beginning of this document you can read my comments, insights and opinions about it.

6. "They Can Call Me Crazy, But" This is the translation of an interview with Juan Moricz published in El Universo newspaper in Guayaquil, Ecuador on August 6, 1976. The interview covers a variety of topics including the joint Ecuadorian British Tayos expedition that included astronaut Neil Armstrong, Stanley Hall, expedition leader, ancient advanced civilizations, tunnel systems and the inner earth. At the end of this interview you can read my comments, insights and opinions about it.

7. A translation and scanned image of the original secrecy agreement signed by all members of the original 1965 expedition into the caves led by Juan Moricz. At the end of this document you can read my comments, insights and opinions about it.

8. "Exceptional Declaration" by Stanley Hall. This is probably the most explosive document in my entire package! It is a secret document presented to the Ecuadorian Congress in July of 1997. This document lays out secret, never before revealed information about the contents of the Cueva de los Tayos. Stanley Hall was the leader of the joint Ecuadorian / British expedition in 1976. No document or report was ever published about the conclusions or findings of this secret expedition. You wonít believe Mr. Hallís declarations of his findings and little-known relationship with Jaramillo! This document alone is worth 10 times the price of this e-package. At the end of this document you can read my comments, insights and opinions.

9. A rare article, "THE FOURTH REICH, FATHER ADOLPH AND THE LOST TREASURE OF THE NAZIS" By Sean David Morton... This amazing article suggests that Father Crespi and Adolph Hitler may have been one in the same. I must admit that some of the information in this article is very difficult to dispute. Judge for yourself after reading all of the information in my e-package, especially the information from Pino Turolla's chapters.

10. An article translated from a Spanish magazine, "The Cave of the Tayos" by Pablo Villarrubia Mauso.
This interesting article reveals new and unique information gleaned by interviews with Juan's lawyer and friends of Julio Aguado Goyen. It also discusses proofs of the metallic library in the Cave of the Tayos, other caves, tunnel systems and Nazi involvement in a large Inca treasure.

11. A complete list of dozens of tunnel system entrances in North, Central and South America.

12. A list of the 100 most important Internet links to web sites about ancient tunnels, the Cueva de los Tayos and closely related subjects.

13. A fascinating paper, "Earth Subterranean Tunnels & the Hollow Earth, My Search for Tunnels in the Earth", by David Hatcher Childress. If you have been a skeptic about ancient tunnel systems, this paper will change your mind. Mr. Childress is a highly respected explorer/investigator/author. He has traveled the world documenting little-known discoveries and sharing these discoveries with the world through his media appearances and writings. These chapters are also posted on the internet, but I've included them here for you because of their relevance to the subject.†

There you have it. This package, combined with the first issues from the archives of my free newsletter, provide you with the best possible information about "Mysteries of the Ancient Tunnels, the Cueva de los Tayos, Juan Moricz, the Metallic Library and Much More".†

I sincerely hope you enjoy this information and that it motivates you to investigate and study that which is your passion in life.

This unique, comprehensive package comes with my 30 day 100% guarantee

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