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Questions and Comments
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Announcing my new newsletter, "Tales From My Adventures Into the Unknown". This newsletter will give me the opportunity to share a lifetime of adventure, exploration, ancient mystery investigation, gold prospecting and treasure hunting with you. I look forward to your comments and feedback as we go.

This newsletter is free and will be published twice monthly on a fairly dependable basis. Rarely, there may be an interruption if I am on an extended expedition. That may only be a few times each year.

My first series of writings (approx. 6 - 10 issues) will be about my own personal experiences surrounding ancient tunnel systems, the Cueva de Los Tayos, Juan Moricz, Zoltan Czellar, Julio Goyen Aguado, the ancient metallic library, ancient advanced civilizations, El Dorado, Erich von Daniken and Gold of the Gods, the Mormons, mysteries of the Amazon Jungle, gold, treasure and more. I hope you enjoy reading about what has become an unfolding passion in my life.

I am about to share with you one of the most mysterious and incredible stories of my life and it may be stranger than anything you have ever heard in your life. This is a drama which is still unfolding as I write this newsletter. I believe there will be much more to come in the future, eventually. 

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Questions and Comments:


From: Tarshome
Subject: gold mining in ecuador

We will be in Quito the end of September and first of October this year. We have our travel plans and a translator set up. We are hoping to do a little more than panning. Ultimately we would like to get and use a backhoe and trommels. At the very least we would be happy using a highbanker. Where in Quito can we get that type of equipment and who do we need to speak with to get permission to use their land or can you suggest an area. So we can make plans and arrangements for the equipment prior to our leaving to come down there?

Stan's Reply: What you are wanting to do is a tall order in Ecuador. In my humble opinion, you can only lose money with such an attempt. To get set up properly for a mid-size operation, you really need to either live here or have a salaried representative engaged in a longer-term project on your behalf. I have no easy, fast answers about renting heavy equipment for a short-term in Quito or acquiring permission to work on someone's concession with a backhoe. A manual highbanking operation is much more feasible in the jungle with only, perhaps, a local Native landowner's permission for a small fee. Things are much different here than in North America. Best of Luck...


Subject: Venezeula diamonds

Hello Stan, Your trip to Venezeula back in '99 (with the diamonds) seemed very interesting. I have been saving for some time to for an adventurous vacation I would like your expert advice on a trip such as yours. Are these areas in Venezuela still "virgin areas" ? When was your last visit? Thanks and God Bless!! Kevin.

Hi Kevin, Yes, the Gran Savannah is still highly virgin territory. I know because
I get emails periodically from people who have tried to reach my secret spots. When they try to hike in, they are repelled by the hot weather. When they try to drive in, they are often turned back by high water. I still like the idea of flying in to remote mining camp sites and backpacking. Let me know how you do. Don't forget to take a black light.
Regards, Stan


Subject: Venezuela question

Stan, First of all, this sounds way too good to be true. All we have to do is fly into the grasslands of Venezuela, go to a stream or two and simply collect diamonds. So why aren't millions of people doing this (or are they?). Anyway, my specific questions are:
1) has anyone ever reported that they have experienced life-threatening issues with other prospectors, locals or tribesmen?
2) how long would you estimate a trip should take to be able to gather up enough diamonds to amount to, say, $1mm dollars US? I'd greatly appreciate your response. Thanks, ST

Hi Scott, What sounds so easy to you on the surface is nearly impossible for the vast 
majority. How old are you? What experience do you have in exploring remote parts of South America where there is no bus service or maintained roads? Do you speak Spanish? Have you ever dealt with Native tribes whose language you do not speak? Have you ever had hyperthermia in a remote location? Do you have an in-depth knowledge of the geology of alluvial diamond deposits?

Perhaps your answers to these questions will reveal why this project seems so easy to you. Or, perhaps you are one in a hundred thousand, a seasoned explorer. If you are, then this project may actually be easy for you. Now, to answer your questions:

1) No one has ever reported anything to me. I don't know of any other person who has ever reached my sites after I was there. I only know of several failed attempts. Life-threatening issues are always a possibility and must always be considered.

2) To "gather up" $1 million dollars of raw diamonds could take anywhere between 6 months and 25 years depending on if you know what you are doing or not.

I hope this helps, Stan


Subject: gold

Hello Stan, It's Jeff Elliott the gold diggin fool again. Hey I'm now diggin in a small creek that has lots of gold in it. It seems to be all small stuff for now. I'm in what you call this stuff the blue lead which is very beautiful material and yes a dark blue, greenish in color. Is this material acting as a false bedrock? It is soft to break up and is holding (trapping) quite abit of gold. Some pans tend to have 40 to 50 crumbs of gold in them and is it going to get better the deeper i go to hardrock which is anybodys guess. Please feel free to enlighten me with your expert opinion on the subject . Thank You, Jeff From Virginia. P.S. I can't wait to dredge this creek with air down deep. Who knows maybe i can pull up a half ounce to an ounce a day or more.

Hi Jeff, Without being able to see your material, I can only give you my guesses. Yes, your colored material does sound as if it is acting as a false bedrock. There are only two possibilities for what may lie beneath on the real bedrock. You likely know what those two possibilities are. The only real way to find out is to go down there with a drill or a dredge. The third possible way to know would be to find someone else who has been down to real bedrock and ask them. I wish I could be of greater help to you than this Jeff. It is like being an explorer. You have to really go there to know for sure.

Let me know how it turns out and keep up the good work! ...Stan


From: seth atkinson 
Subject: Giant Human Remains submitted by John Williams

Dear Stan, I find your website fascinating. Very interesting was the section entitled Giant Human Remains by John Williams. Iíve never heard of or seen any of these remains in any museum, and Iíve been to many, many museums. What happened to all these remains? What about the incredible, almost unbelievable antiquity of some of them? Who do you think has them? My feeling is some folks have these remains, but they are keeping them from the public. What do you think? My guess is if these remains were shown to the public, far too many uncomfortable, unanswerable questions would be raised. Probably itís easier for them to keep these remains secret than it is to admit their picture of the past is far, far from ever being neat and complete. Iíd really like to see the remains of the twelve foot giant found will full armor. Best Regards, Seth

Hi Seth, Thanks for your letter. Many giant skeletal remains have been confiscated and disposed of by the Smithsonian. Some are in deep storage thanks to various government agencies. Some searching on the internet and looking through certain books, gives one more details on the discovery and subsequent loss of these materials. Ancient American magazine is especially good to read about the subject. Also, check out books by Davis Hatcher 
Childress. Good Luck, Stan


From: Lisa Elaine
Subject: Aha! an Underground River

Hello Stan. A couple of years ago, when I lived in Oregon, I purchased your excerpt from Ancient Rivers of Gold and found the information to be very intriguing and enlightening. Since then, I have moved to Southern California and have been conducting my own research on mining sites and history in the area. I was just checking on the history of one such site, an old abandoned gold mine located between Lake Elsinore and the town of Perris, CA, and learned that the latest mining attempts were halted when they had to stop drilling because they ran into an underground stream! Apparently, that stream must consist of a large volume of water because once breached, it flooded the shaft and forced miners to shut down the mine completely. My gut feeling is that this may be exactly what Mr Wallace 
was referring to when he wrote of the possible existance of an underground river, buried under thousands of years of lava flows and sediment, which could be tapped into to supply water to the Los Angeles basin. By diverting that underground channel, it would be possible to explore the layers of bedrock below for gold deposits. Good theory? What is your opinion and/or thoughts on this? They already built one Aquaduct to supply Los Angeles. Is building 
another such a bad idea? Lord knows, clean, fresh water is in high demand down here. The water wouldn't have to travel nearly as far as it does with the existing Aquaduct. Just thinking of the possibilities makes me wonder if I could get enough backers to fund a project like this. If you have ideas, bring them on - I'm all ears! Lisa Williams

Hey Lisa, So nice to hear from you, especially about such an interesting subject. The clean, fresh water in the underground river is probably worth as much as gold these days. The project is potentially viable. However, it would require the coordination of a lot of money and expertise. If you could just find an entrance to the underground, gold-bearing river, you could probably fund the project yourself. Have you ever read Inca Gold by Clive 
Custler? If not, you must. Please also check out these web sites:


Keep me posted on your investigations! Stan


From: ernesto salvador 
Subject: cueva de los tayos

Hi Stan, I can't find any news from your Cueva de los Tayos expedition and project, are you still working on it? do you have any plans? I'd appreciate any info about it.
Thanks. Ernesto

Hi Ernesto, The Cueva de los Tayos project is still alive. However, there are many obstacles in this project and often, progress is terribly slow. When there is any significant news available, I will put it on the web site. I am currently working on a project to help fund an expedition that can film and document new information, evidence and conclusions. If you know of any interested millionaires, please let me know. Best Wishes, Stan

From: Alaska AL

Stan, I don't know exactly how to put this....so how 'bout BLUNTLY. I know where a Wells Fargo payroll shipment (that was robbed in 1912) is buried. It is probably gold coins, as the payroll was for gold-miners. As rule of thumb, gold miners preferred being paid in gold (coins) as that was how they made their living. We are currently facing great financial hardships, and I am in risk of losing my home of 50 years. I am hoping there are some wealthy adventurer types that may be able to save my day, while getting wealthier and enjoying the adventure of the hunt. I can get the interested party within a couple feet of the location. More info if interested. Please E-mail me alaskaal@hotmail.com with any interest or leads to those who might be interested. Thanks, AL

Hi Al, Thanks for your interesting email. We'll certainly post your email on our web site to see if there is some interest in your project. Best of Luck! Stan


From: Jared Stroech
Subject: Training Course

To Whom it May Concern: My name is Jared Stroech. I live and work in Arlington, VA as an accountant. I graduated from West Virginia University in December with a degree in Anthroplogy, and some how I ended up as an accountant. I believe, however, that my true calling is to be the next Indiana Jones...seriously. My archaeology classes fascinated me and not long ago I purchased a Whites MXT Metal Detector and find myself aching to get out and poke around to see what I can find. My job is quite slow and boring right now, although the income allows me to maintain a fairly comfortable life, although its not glamorous. I realized after graduation that a career in archaeology, treasure hunting, etc. is not financially beneficial unless you are successful, i.e. find things. That has always been the reason why I have held back my pursuit. I was surfing the internet today and I fell upon your website and realized that this is what I really want to be doing. I am young, single, and motivated enough to honestly pursue a career in this field. I would appreciate any information you could provide me as to how you started in this field and how you became successful. I am looking into purchasing your System, but if you are willing, I would like to hear from you directly. Please reply to this email address for I check it daily. Thank you and I look forward to your reply. Regards, Jared Stroech

Hi Jared, Good to hear from you. Sounds like we share of few of the same traits. First off, yes, my System is what I would recommend based on what you told me in your email. The best way to start off is to treat exploration, gold prospecting and treasure hunting as a hobby. See if you can integrate some writing skills, photography and/or videography into the hobby. Public speaking works well too. Or, try to establish a residual income in a field that you love. This means that you do the work once and continue to receive income from it for the rest of your life. Some examples are e-commerce, multi-level marketing, real estate rentals, royalties from anything, etc. This will make you free. Also, very importantly, stay debt free and keep your monthly overhead very low. As you progress with your exploration skills, you will begin to find some significant and valuable things. Learn to do the research. That will be 80%+ of your success. Learn some survival skills, first aid, a foreign language, etc. Before you know it, if you are driven and persistent, you will reach a level of expertise in some form of exploration that will pay you well and maybe even make you rich. However, the real riches are in the lifestyle.

I hope this helps, Stan


From: Ahmed Saleh Musleh
Subject: Devices to discover diamonds
Dear Sir, I need your help. Could you please possibly let me know names of devices or instruments that are used for discovery of diamonds? Your positive reply will be highly appreciated Best regards, Ahmed Nasser Yemen

Hi Ahmed, Diamonds have a relatively high specific gravity and can therefore be concentrated by gravity. Anything from primitive screens (sarucas) to modern jigs are used to recover diamonds. Many diamonds also fluoresce under a black light. Some prospectors are beginning to use this method in the field. Good Luck, Stan


From: Ronald
Subject: interesting story about giant bones

Stan, though i cant tell you where im from as well as who i am but. we found just such bones under our home. we live in an ancient cemetery and have found amazingly giant jaw and skull bones. well ok im from Maui. and there's a road in waihee and you can see the bones peeking out from the side of the road way. as for this was at least a 8 foot male very big. my house we found river rocks and beneath it was a giant jaw bone that my whole head fit 
inside it. on Maui where the golf course is haunted 7 foot spirits haunts the inn and scared tourist can no longer play up there cause of golf balls flying and hitting the golfers by them selves. there's more but you get the idea what Maui is facing. Ronald

Thank you for your interesting email Ronald. Stan

Subject: Washington treasures

Stan, I have wrote to you before. Is there any great treasures left in Washington State? Gold is what I am after, I do have about 8oz. from panning, lots of fun hard work!!!, although I looking for an adventure, is there any left in my state in which I will not get into any trouble with the law for looking for it? My name is Jeff Kissler, I am a 43 Y.O. Respiratory Therapist I would love to go on a adventure with you sometime they sound awsome, but, of course, I am not as well off as you and do not have the backing of sponsor  like you do, so I'll have to do this on my own on my weekends and vacations, I hear of treasure in Washington but, its on someone elses land or its just a rumor. Can you help me will your book help me I have most gold books they all say about the same thing, I even have a few lost treasure books, even they tell about lost treasure in Washington but, Like I stated earlier its on private land and its unreachable. Please help!!! I've been a great fan of yours for a long time!!! I thought i would take a chance and write to you and see what happens I've got nothing to loose and everything to gain!!! Sincerely, Jeff Kissler

Hi Jeff, Thanks for your email. First off, YES, there is still a lot of treasure and gold in your state that can be found in "legal" places. However, you will have to do the tedious research to find it as I don't have much time these days to share all my research on Washington State with you by email. You should know that I do not have any "sponsors" that give me money for anything. All of my financing is money that I earned myself applying the techniques that I teach in my System  "Creating Wealth Through Adventure" In my course, I share all of the secrets that I have figured out in over 30 years of experience in this business. Good Luck to You, Stan


Subject: Gold Northeast Washington/area.
Dear Stan, Would like too know if your book on gold alluvials in rivers up here in the northwest of Washington within a fifty mile radus.+ Idaho in the shoshone area. Also in Murray idaho. Thank You Richard Mewes P.S. would like too buy your book.

Hi Richard, Yes, the Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth package does discuss the state of Washington and a little bit about Idaho too. The main thing is that you will learn exactly what to look for with ancient gold alluvials, no matter where you are in the world. The package has total international application.
Best Regards, Stan


Subject: Treasure in the Philippines

Stan, I would like to propose a project here in the Philippines. I want to be straight about it. Perhaps you know about Japanese treasure deposited here in the Philippines in World War II, or if you want more details pls. log to yamashita-gold.com and you will see. At the present time my church members and I have two projects in two sites, both confirmed by a japanese treasure guide, but badly we run out of finance to finish the projects. One site holds 500 tons bullions and platinum bars, the other holds 1,000 tons gold bullions & Pt. bars also, its here in our island province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. If you can help us in any way, I would look into it and we will discuss further terms and conditions on this project. I assure you that this project will be well-rewarding for all of us. 
Thank you very much. Pastor Raymund Pabalan Negros, Philippines raymundpabalan@yahoo.com

Hi Raymund, I receive requests, comments and questions about Yamashita's treasure nearly 
every week. We will post your email on our web site in the event that some of our readers and visitors may be interested in working with you. Best of Luck, Stan


Subject: refining gold 

Hi Stan, some advice please, when smelting alluvial gold what can I use as a flux  is there a easy way ,if any of removing any copper and silver that may be in the gold and is there an simple method of testing gold to determine if it is the real thing. The gold is from rivers and in the form of small nuggets. Thank you, Wessie.

Hi Wessie, Your questions are very good and normally require years of experience or thousands of dollars of training to acquire. I address these exact issues and much more in my Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth package. You can find info about my package here:

Yes, you can refine gold at home and some of the basic ingredients for simple fluxing, assaying and refining are table salt, soda ash, wheat flour, lard, sand, borax and potash. You should either have training or experience before assaying or refining to avoid injury or worse. Good Luck to You, Stan


Subject: gold prospecting expedition

Dear Stan, My name is Zenon Kobiela and I am currently working in Iraq. My intention is to earn enough money to finance a small gold prospecting expedition to Ecuador. All of my research and reading seems to indicate that you may be the authority on gold prospecting in Ecuador. Any information or tips you may provide on this subject would be most appreciated. I have been receiving your newsletter and I had received your free 7 part alluvial gold series. I find the information fascinating and very useful. So far, all of my gold prospecting has been limited to the North Carolina gold belt where I found about Ĺ ounce of gold doing some high-banking. Anyhow, once again, please send me or steer me to any information which would help me plan my trip. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. My very best regards to you Zenon Kobiela

Hi Zenon, Thanks for your pleasant email. Yes, my materials are the most complete that I have seen anywhere about gold prospecting in Ecuador. My report, Gold Secrets of Ecuador Revealed and also The Secret will certainly show you where the gold is and what to look for in ancient channel systems. Besides that, it takes a lot of hard work and practice to successfully recover gold commercially. I do like your strategy. Best Wishes, Stan


Subject: GOLD

Hi! Stan. It's me again Jeff Elliott from Virginia. I was recently at my favorite mine where the 8 lb. nugget and many others of various sizes were found. With my experience in dowsing for gold I got a positive hit in the little rivulet that I mentioned to you about. It is about 20 ft. in length and I've found gold in the first 8 in. of gravel then reached the clay layer which also contains gold to the depth of about 2ft. I still am burying the shovel in this clay layer. I wonder how deep it is to the bedrock for the gold is suppose to be better in the 1 ft. of material above it gathering from what I've heard ? I am also about 60 yards or less from where there is obvious reddish looking bedrock that gradually slopes downhill south of the mine . How did the old timers miss this clay layer in this small stream which originates from 2 springs and is the gold I'm finding due to the previous years of new erosion ? P.S. I know gold is where you find it but I still very much appreciate an experts opinion on the matter if you could oblige me. I need that extra motivation so to speak. Bye for now. A prospecting friend always. Jeff Elliot

Hi Jeff, The old-timers did miss certain sweet spots from time to time. The only way to really know what is down below the clay is to dig or drill. The clay may have acted as a false bedrock and there may not be any gold below. Or, you may find an incredible bonanza down below. I would keep digging if I were you. Good Luck, Stan


Subject: Peruvians and Tibetans

Stan, Just wanted to comment on something and get your opinions. I was watching a movie called "Seven Years in Tibet" last week, and I got to thinking just how much the Tibetan people looked like the Peruvian people. Now I know that the Native Americans came across the land bridge (or did they all?!?), but most of them have their own look. The Peruvians and the Tibetans look like brothers and sisters to each other, if you understand what I am saying. This could only mean that Tibetans traveled directly to Peru, and not across the land bridge and finally to Peru after so many generations. Otherwise, the genetic similarities would have been washed out through other tribal influence. Also, their clothes, hats, homes, look exactly alike. I know that someone else has probably thought of this
as well, but I have never read anything about it. Have a great day and be careful out there!! Thanks Arthur Bishop, Alabama Prospector and THer 

Hi Arthur, Thanks for your insightful email and observations. If you have read any of my original free archived newsletters, you can see that I am working on this connection behind the scenes right now. Juan Moricz studied this subject in great depth. In the future I plan to present conclusive, decisive evidence that the Tibeteans are direct descendants of ancient South Americans. So the fast answer to your question is that there is a direct connection and it had nothing to do with the widely believed land bridge. The vast majority of ancient migrations all took place by sea. Stay Tuned, Stan


Subject: treasure hunter career question

Hi Stan, My name is Alex. I always had interest with exploration and treasure hunting. After finishing my university degree in June of last year in Los Angeles and after several temporary part-time jobs I traveled to Ecuador as a volunteer/intern from September to December of last year. I returned three months ago, but my desire to develop my career as a treasure hunter and explorer only grew stronger after this trip. Now I returned back to the world of corporate competition and metropolis oppression. And now also comes the question of starting my career which is very difficult for me. On one hand it is the necessity to have stable income which one has usually by having 9 to 5 job, but on the other hand the dreams and plans for a career as a treasure hunter make me very restless. On the positive side at the moment I do not have any family commitments or financial obligations. What is your suggestions and advice specific for my situation as well as for other people who are in the same situation? Thank you, Alex Arktos 

Hi Alex, Welcome to the club. My advise to you is to buy my "Creating Wealth Through Adventure System: http://www.stangrist.com/CreatingWealthSystem.htm.
  Search the net for other people doing similar things to see how they do it. Find a mentor. Read lots of books about explorers and adventurers. There are a million ways to make a living in this lifestyle. You are obviously a good writer. That represents dozens of ways to make money right there. Above all else, you must pursue your passion in life, no matter what the cost. Please read my newsletter from last month where I address your exact issue in response to an email from Poland. My answers apply to everyone. Keep me posted on your progress...Stan


Subject: Venezuela prospecting
Hello Mr. Grist.
I recently purchased your "Secret Diamond Sites of Venezuela REVEALED", package. I intend to travel there in the upcoming dry season and seek diamonds. Can you tell me if there are any permits required, and if so, who do I contact to acquire them? Also, do you have any last minute tips for me? Thank you! Sincerely, Marty Parker 

Hi Marty, Good luck on your upcoming trip. I don't think that any permits are required to prospect for diamonds in Venezuela. However, you should check with someone who knows more than I about this if you are concerned. You should also try to be careful not to really dig much if you are obviously on someone else's concession.

That said, it is a very huge and empty space. You can walk for months without seeing another human. If it were me, I wouldn't even worry about permits and concessions. Once you find a good spot, you could be set for life.

You should be a competent remote area type of person. You should be prepared for having no support from the outside world. If you are this type of person, you will love it there!
Good Luck, Stan

Subject: Gold in Ecuador
Hi Stan
, I'm happy to be # 800 and your newest yahoo news group member! My name is Rick and I will be spending the rest of winter and spring studying all of the information that you have in your group and your website. I have been considering to move to South America for about a year. I will be making a trip to Ecuador sometime this year to check things out and see if this is really what I want to do.

Is there any chance that you might put me in touch with similarly minded people who either live in Ecuador or want to visit. I am fairly new to Yahoo groups and instant messaging and I would really like to instant message with folks who have an interest in gold and Ecuador not necessarily in that order. Thanks Stan your the Man !!! Richard Prostler 

Hi Rick, Nice to hear from you. We will post your email on the web site so that others may be able to get in touch with you. You can do the same as well. That is why we like to include peoples' email addresses. Let me know a few weeks before you expect to arrive in Ecuador so me can meet up. Regards,Stan


Subject: Hit Home!!! Ecuador mysteries
Hello Stan
. I came across your website by accident and I have been enjoying the different articles your site has to offer. I am and Ecuadorian born individual whom has been living in USA twenty some years now. I read your article about your trek to the "Ilalo" mountain since some of my family used to own half of that mountain. After many years and many generations, the land was sold and also was given to some of the local Indian families who worked and lived on the Ilalo laderas. Currently, the Hacienda occupies the lower north portion of the mountain. I have been interested about themes such as Pyramids, Los Tayos, Espiritismo, Leyendas Antiguas Ecuatorianas and similar knowledge since I was a kid. I do agree with you that Ecuador has incredible riches that have been untouched yet. I could only wish being able to have the time and funding to explore so many interesting possibilities that I know are in Ecuador just waiting to be discovered. The history about the lost Inca gold has been one of fascination to me since I was a child, I do envy and admire your tenacity in pursuing what I can only dream about. I'd love to have some cervezas with you next time I am down there visiting my family. Regards. Juan Maldonado, (CBC)" Juan.Maldonado@khpc.com

Hi Juan, I can't wait to sit down and have a cold Pilsner with you! Best Regards, Stan


Subject: GOLD in Virginia
Hi! Stan
it's Jeff from Va. It's such a great time for doing research now for it is too cold out to prospect. That mountain stream is just frigid cold for the hands for panning. My research and history shows that nuggets of 1 ounce and under by the masses were found at this one goldmine, that were located in the bed of a rivulet. Please define the terminology of the bed of a rivulet for me, cuz I want to do some serious metal detecting at this mine site. Oh yeah ,and there are oodles of tailing piles of which to metal detect. I can't wait to get back to this site ,for I will be like a kid in a candy store so to speak. P.S. The old timers did alot of rock crushing and found alot of gold here and history has it that a 9 pound nugget was found here as well. Could there still be some big gold at this site. A prospecting friend always. Jeff 

Hi Jeff, It sounds like you are really on to something interesting. Your research is certainly the key. The bed of a rivulet must be the bedrock of a small stream. Just guessing. Yes, there could still be a lot of big gold there. Your metal detector could come in real handy as long as you can get your search coil close enough to the bedrock. Good Luck, Stan


Subject: Free 7 Part Placer Gold Course and free report problems

I am trying to subscribe Stan's FREE 7 part Placer Gold Prospecting Report. I have not been able to use any free email account to send the request. I really want to read both the free report and 7 part course- I am living on disability so have to save my dollars for important stuff like ordering the Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth and the System. Please if at all possible I would appreciate your help in getting the free reports. I ordered the training course last year and it was lost in a computer crash and I really want to replace it. The materials were fantastic. William McLaren 

Hi William, I have subscribed you to the free course which is sent by the auto mailer every two days. This is the only way it is sent out. If you don't receive it, please look in your bulk mail box. Many times people have a full inbox and the course is rejected, therefore you will have to make sure that your inbox is regularly cleared and not full to receive it. Also make sure that you don't have it blocked by a spam filter. The last part of the course ( #7) contains the download link for the free report, so please watch for it. Since you purchased the System and have lost it I am happy to give you the download link for the files. We are pleased to know that you found it very useful and value your comments and business. All the best to you for a wonderful New Year, Susan Millar, webmaster 

Hello Susan Millar, I just wanted to thank you for replacing the lost course (I value it very much) and also with your help with the free report etc. Having the ability to make a couple other purchases on the site just made this year fantastic. Please pass to Stan G. I think his products are fantastic and having been a SYSADMIN in the corp. world know how good you are!! and you can also pass that along. So many Admins would not have taken the time to help and make it sound personal like you did thank you. William McLaren

Hi William, Thanks so much for your kind comments, it's wonderful to get such positive feedback. Thank you also for purchasing the Ancients Deposits Modern Wealth package, we hope that you find it interesting and very useful. If you ever need any further assistance, please let me know and I'll be happy to help you. We value your business greatly and want to make sure that you are satisfied. Cheers, Susan Millar


Subject: Lost Cities and caves
Stan, I just stumbled onto your site a couple of days ago, and am I glad I did. I bought your Treasure Hunting Course and just finished reading it. Great work. Thanks! I have always been interested in Lost Cities and Subterranean civilizations. This interested started years ago after reading "The Hollow Earth". I would like to start doing research in possible sites in the good, old USA, particularly around my area (Louisiana). I am not as interested in treasure finding (though that would be nice) as I am interested in finding clues to our past. I believe there is an incredible amount of knowledge that has been lost to the ages.

Could you provide me with a couple of ideas on where to start my search? I am new to this field, so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I figured I would ask someone of your obvious intelligence (how is that for kissing up)? Seriously, some direction would be greatly appreciated. Cordially, Alfredo J. Martinez New Orleans, LA

Hi Alfredo, Thanks for writing. I agree with you about much important ancient history being lost. There are small shreds of evidence that need to be pieced together by dilligent investigators. I have given you a few internet links below which may help to stimulate several possible areas of interest for you. Most important of all!...learn how to research and investigate. I wish you the best of luck as you progress with your investigations. 
The world is a fascinating and mysterious place, Stan



Subject: Treasure in Peru

Hello Stan, I seem to have found a treasure already. My wife is from Peru (Piura, in the North) and her brother lives in Guayaquil Ecuador. I have subscribed to your site and I would like to get some suggestions. My family and I will be traveling to Peru this January (2005). I intended to take my metal detector and gold with me. Your information on alluvial gold is of interest to me. What guides/courses do you have or recommend that would better prepare me for treasure hunting in Peru. My wife thinks I'm nuts but I have always had a good hunch about this area. I have done some treasure hunting here in the United States and have had some luck in finding coins and other items. I do not want to pass this opportunity by, but need help. My interest was peeked during a trip to Peru in 2000 when we visited Cajamarca. Just east of the city I say what looked like a mining operation along a river that ran nearby. My father-in-law said he thought that it was a gold mine, but not sure. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
David Smith 

Hi David, Thanks for writing. Yes, you should definitely do some treasure hunting and gold prospecting while you are in Peru. My "Ancient Deposits, Modern Wealth" e-package could be extremely helpful for you in the pursuit of alluvial gold. My "Creating Wealth Through Adventure System" has much more information about making money as a treasure hunter. Please let me know what you find. Remember that research is the huge key to success, so prepare well before your visit. Best of Luck, Stan


Subject: finding gold
What about the east coast regions? I live in NC right now. It would be nice to be able to find gold here on the east coast, hopefully in quantities that will be worth while. I do not expect to get rich quick, although that would be nice, I do have that ever present desire that the effort will be worth my time to do it. This is one of the reasons many are not out already looking for gold because they feel it is not worth their time, and that some company already has the rights to any site that has gold to be mined. Obviously this is not true. As you have ably pointed out, the site cleaned out last year may very well be full again this year. Is this a correct summation? I guess what I want is some reassurance that I still have as good a chance as any one to find enough that just maybe I can tell my 9-5 employer good bye and not worry about an income ever again. Keel Kerry 

Kerry, It is possible to find gold in paying quantities in the eastern USA. Northern Georgia is one of my favorite places and North Carolina holds many possibilities as well. However, serious gold prospecting requires huge dedication and persistence. I have met very few people in my life with the necessary dedication to really make it work. While you can make a very comfortable living in the gold business and even get rich, only you can determine if you will really do it or not. As in any worthwhile endeavor in life, it takes all your guts to finally get the glory...Stan


Subject: stories from Ecuador etc

Stan, Hope its all right if I pepper you with questions? 

1) When did Howard die? What was the treasure he was chasing in Turkey? What other treasures did he find, after the book was published?

Answer: Howard died sometime in the late 70s in a commercial plane crash in Istanbul. Yes, the treasure was located somewhere in Turkey, but I don't know what it was. I don't know what other treasures he found after the book was published.

2) Why didn't he ever dig up that 3rd Treasure chest on Roatan?

Answer: Robin told me that he didn't want to arouse the suspicion of his neighbors once he began his real estate development project nearby. However, I don't think we'll ever know the real reason. Or, maybe he did dig it up and kept it a secret.

3) Did you find that gold creek up in the Andes that he panned? Or try finding those stone pillars he was told about?

Answer: I have found the river, but quite a bit downstream from where Howard recovered his gold. I have made one attempt to reach Howard's spot, but encountered a high altitude rain forest which I could not pass through. I have now identified a different route which should work just fine. We are planning to film the expedition and create a documentary about it. We 
hope to go in this coming year. The stone pillars seem difficult to find, but I will keep my eyes and ears open.

4) If you had 4 weeks to treasure hunt, would you go to: Venezuela for diamonds, gold in Ecuador, or gold in Honduras? Ie which is most profitable in 4 weeks.

Answer: The answer entirely depends on you, your remote prospecting experience level and area of most interest. I would consider all 3 projects to be potentially the same in profitability. I enjoy all three areas equally.

5) Did you ever get a good look at the Paulaya River? It must be developed by now I would imagine, without a lot of gold left? Do you think Howard may have embroidered the story as to how much gold he walked away with?

Answer: We nearly drowned in the Paulaya when we were struck with an unexpected monsoon rain while returning to the Caribbean in an overloaded dugout canoe. I prospected the area where Howard worked and discovered the source of his gold, an ancient river channel. It appears fairly rich. I don't think that the area has been developed yet as it is VERY remote. Howard's dredging assistant told me that Howard carried away less gold than he said in 
the book. However, I would never tell my dredging assistant how much gold I recovered. Who knows?

6) What's the best treasure you ever found?

Answer: One of the sites of the 7 Lost Cities of El Dorado, the Abanico River. There is hardrock gold, alluvial gold and many smaller caches of gold that were hidden before the 7 cities were destroyed by the native uprising in 1599. We'll be shooting a documentary of this project early in 2005 where you will see a number of treasures uncovered live, in real time.

7) What happened to Hampton Court? Their stock is suspended and the president has been asked to resign by the Stock Exchange. Perhaps things aren't going well?

Answer: Hampton Court was forced to sell the project to a private mining company due 
to gross mismanagement. If the shareholders ever find out what I know about what went on there, they will likely hang all of the previous directors of the company.

Trying to save for a trip maybe this winter, I don't know.  Sincerely Al Velsen 

Good luck Al and have fun. If you come to Ecuador, look me up...Stan


Subject: Battea help
Hi Stan, I am needing some help finding a source for some handmade Sieves and Batteas. I got some from a guy in Ciudad Bolivar but that was back in 97. Can you help me locate some?
Louis -Dallas Texas 

Hi Louis, We will post your request on our web site "Questions and Comments". If any of our readers can help you, they can send you an email. All the best, Stan


Subject: Panama info question
Hi Stan, I enjoyed reading viewing your web site. I hope you can answer my question. I'm an American who just purchased a home in the Panama highlands area in a town called Volcan it's in the Chiriqui province. I had heard some stories about a lost city of gold in the cloud forest area which is close by (stories of dwarf 3 foot high white skin Indians that are cave dwellers). I have been trying to get some good research info on this and Panama in general however I have not found much. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance Randy Johnson 

Hi Randy, After looking through my most likely resources, I wasn't able to find anything specific about your lost city. It certainly sounds interesting. You might try checking out this site for some interesting info:


I hope you have a fast internet connection as this is a huge page with many photos.
Best of luck in Panama! Stan




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